General Questions

How much does the Franchise cost?

£18,000 for the first 3 franchisees, then £24,000 thereafter.

Monthly Franchise costs:
You will not pay anything for 3 months saving you £750.

This is also so we can help you fully prepare to be the best you can be. We will also supply you with £1000 worth of bookings supported by our Business Development Manager to help and support you at the events.

Monthly licence fee £250 per month plus 10% commission on the events that take place the previous month.

• Professional graphic design service
• Full support with business consulting within each given area to further sales and business awareness
• Magic Mirror technical support
• Website hosting, email and technical support
• Sales leads from sister company The Best Photobooths
Quality Franchise Association membership status

Why choose a franchise?

The franchise business model offers the franchisee the ability to grow under a common brand and share in the benefits of being a part of a larger group of business owners. … It offers a much higher chance of success than if you were to start your own business from scratch.

How does owning a franchise work?

franchise grants you, the investor or franchisee the rights under a licence to replicate a successful business model and operate under an established brand name. You will be granted these rights for a fixed number of years and will receive initial training and ongoing support from your franchisor. In return you will pay an initial fee for the licence and a launch package containing everything that you need to get started as well as ongoing fees usually paid monthly.

How can I start a franchise with no money?

Considering Your Funding Options

  1. Seek franchisor financing. If required, we have a finance company that will lend you the money needed to purchase a franchise. …
  2. Pull equity from your home. …
  3. Find business partners. …

What are the advantages of becoming a franchise owner?

Franchises offer the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network. You don’t necessarily need business experience to run a franchise. … Franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses. You may find it easier to secure finance for a franchise than a ‘stand alone’ start up.

What’s included in the Franchise?

Everything that you will need to start trading on your first day is included in our comprehensive package. Please request a Franchise Brochure for more details.

What software is provided?

We are priviledged to be supported by the best Mirror Me software giants FOTOMASTER. Together with our partners at FOTOMASTER our dedicated support team will get you ready to shine with your new service. The support team will also remain available for you 24/7; before, during and after each event.

What support is provided?

From training to mentoring through to event support – you can feel assured that you have the best people behind you and your Magic Mirror business.

By being a franchisee you will also be able to access our creative design team to take away any initial concerns on how you will make the designs for your clients look amazing. This is something we know a lot of our competitors struggle to deliver. 

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford a graphic designer, but now you’re part of the best Magic Mirrors family you will have access to the best designers. 

This will also save you time and allow you to focus on building relationships and selling.